Eulexis is a lemmatiser for Ancient Greek texts. It is a free and open source software available for Mac OS and Windows.

The « Bailly 2020 Hugo Chávez » is available in Eulexis!

Thanks to the hard work of a team of volunteers led by Gérard Gréco, with special contribution of André Charbonnet, Mark De Wilde and Bernard Maréchal, the Bailly 2020 Hugo Chávez is available under conditions in PDF since April 2020. You can now consult it in Eulexis. If you find this work useful, do not hesitate to encourage it and make a donation.

This application has been made available with no guarantee and may be subject to further corrections and improvements. If you notice any errors or typos, please do not hesitate to report them!


For Mac OS

Download (.dmg)

For Windows

Download (.exe)

Source code

Download (.zip)
Archive of the main code branch on Github


Eulexis is also compatible with GNU/Linux : it is possible to compile the software from the source code available on Github.

The data, in particular the Bailly 2020 Hugo Chávez, not being released under a free license, but nevertheless usable under conditions, we preferred not to make it downloadable here. However, a Linux user compiling Eulexis from its source code will need this data. He will just have to email us and we will be happy to send it along.

Eulexis also exists as an online app: Try Eulexis-web

New in version 1.1

  • The translations have been somewhat improved, although there is still room for improvement.
  • Navigation buttons now allow you to go back to a previously consulted dictionary article.
  • A few thousand corrections have been reported in the different dictionaries that already existed in Eulexis.
  • The query can be made with regular expressions or more simply by using wildcards.
  • Starting the application is faster as long as the dictionaries are consulted (the loading of the analyses remains slow).
  • A file can be lemmatized directly, producing a CSV file with all known lemmatizations of text forms (with translation). To provide the list of vocabulary associated with a text, the teacher will only have to delete the lemmatizations that are not suitable (possibly, review the translations and delete the lemmatizations of very common words, thus already known by the students).
  • TextiColor can be used to detect typos or OCR errors: if a word is not recognized, it will appear in bold and red. Beware, just because a word is recognized does not mean that it is correct, and conversely, an unrecognized word can be perfectly legitimate.


Read the help pages (in French)


Many thanks to Philipp Roelli, André Charbonnet, Mark De Wilde, Gérard Gréco, Peter J. Heslin, Yves Ouvrard, Eduard Frunzeanu and Régis Robineau.