Online version of Collatinus, a multi-OS application to lemmatise and analyse the morphology of Latin texts.

This online version is based on version 11.2 of Collatinus. Its lexical database has been extended with the systematic treatment of the digital dictionaries (Gaffiot 2016, Jeanneau 2017, Lewis & Short 1879 and Georges 1913). The lexical base now contains more than 80.000 lemmas.

Due to lack of space on a web-page, the features of Collatinus 11 are not all available. For intensive use, we recommend the installation of the stand-alone version of Collatinus, which is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux/Debian.

This application has been made available with no guarantee and may be subject to further corrections and improvements.


Collatinus web is developed by Yves Ouvrard, with the support of Philippe Verkerk and Régis Robineau